Mission. Pledge. Purpose


Crab Terror Island is building a community of high achievers who by believing in their abilities act boldly on their dreams and are ambassadors for inspiration. Community members pledge to support and encourage others, while they work in their own self-interest to achieve their personal goals. Through creating unique, limited edition designs and positive, original messages, Crab Terror Island is reminding people that there is power behind community and that you must believe in yourself to achieve the dreams you have and the goals you set.


As members of Crab Terror Island:

  • We will always believe in ourselves and the power of our community.
  • We will work tirelessly in our own self interest to achieve our personal goals.
  • We will offer encouragement and positive insight to others.
  • We will celebrate ALL of our achievements.
  • We ARE the Crab Terror Island Community and we are not alone in believing we can do anything.

Meaningful Purpose

A piece of me was being lost. I wanted my own identity, to preserve myself as an individual. I did not want to be selfish, but I wanted to be Sina.