Limited Editions - Don't Miss Out!

To me, limited edition = special. It means that not everyone gets that item, that you get to be part of something really special.....and kind of cool! It's like you are part of a secret, but totally awesome club!

So this is how it works. 

1. I come out with a design, and typically print it on a single style of clothing.

2. I might print 36, or 50...but NEVER more than 100! (And once they are gone they are gone!)!

3. Now....the design might come back out later, on a different garment. But this will be a new color, style, etc. So if you see an octopus design in blue and freaking LOVE it...well I would buy it. Because, the next run (if there is one) will be in something totally different!

Trust me, I have had people ask about getting a single hoodie printed, because they missed out. That is way to much time, and money. I just say, you want it, you better get it!

So that is what limited means. No more than 100 are printed. Once they are gone, well that is it. I come out with new designs quite often (no exact schedule, kind of when my brain goes into overdrive and I have a stroke of genius!)

Message or email me with any questions!!