Just a few FAQs!

1. Some of your items say *limited edition*, what does that mean?

It means...get them while you can! Quantities of limited edition pieces are small, we could have 15 of one piece or 100, it just depends. We will do our very best to have items available and will keep you posted of product updates via our newsletter!

Keep up to date with what we are doing and what designs are coming and going, by "liking" our Facebook page, subscribing to our newsletter and checking our online store! We do not want you to miss out!

2. Returns and Exchanges:

All items purchased through our website are available for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Any items that were purchased at one of our retailers or at a local event, we ask you to take the product directly back to where it was originally bought and paid for! If they can't help you, please do reach out to me. I stand behind my products and want to make sure that all customers are taken care of.

3. Are these all your designs? And where do the gears come from?

Great questions! Yes, all designs are done by Sina. As for how the how the gears came to be, I really don't know. I started with line drawings and was playing around with different stencils and then BAM!! there were the gears. It got me really thinking about the movements and behaviors of many aquatic creatures and that they really do have kind of a "mechanical" nature about them. Not all my designs will have gears in them, but for now it is where my heart is! Stay tuned for more to come!!!

4. Do you only sell online or do you have a store?

As of right now I sell online and at various markets in Alaska. Wouldn't it be cool though to have a Crab Terror Boutique..maybe one day. I love visiting new areas, and if you know of somewhere that maybe Crab Terror would be a hit then let me know!

5. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do! If you are interested then shoot me an email (use my contact form below) with your store information, website and location! I can take a look and see if we might be a good fit and then go from there. Not all of my items are available for wholesale, but I make sure to work with my vendors. Look forward to chatting with you!


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