Just a few FAQs!

1. Some of your items say *limited edition*, what does that mean?

It means...get them while you can! Quantities of limited edition pieces are small, we could have 15 of one piece or 100, it just depends. We will do our very best to have items available and will keep you posted of product updates via our newsletter!

Keep up to date with what we are doing and what designs are coming and going, by "liking" our Facebook or Instagram pages, subscribing to our newsletter and checking our online store! We do not want you to miss out!

2. Returns and Exchanges:

First, I will always try to make things right. Any item that you purchase from me at an event or online, can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. Products that you buy from another retailer, will need to be taken directly back to them. Products found at other retailers, are designed specifically for them and you will need to adhere to their policies!


3. Are these all your designs? And where do the gears come from?

Great questions! Yes, all designs are done by Sina. As for how the how the gears came to be, I really don't know. I started with line drawings and was playing around with different stencils and then BAM!! there were the gears. It got me really thinking about the movements and behaviors of many aquatic creatures and that they really do have kind of a "mechanical" nature about them. Not all my designs will have gears in them, but for now it is where my heart is! Stay tuned for more to come!!!

4. Do you only sell online or do you have a store?

Our products are sold online, at local events in Alaska and at our brick and mortar store! We have many items in our physical store, that we don't sell online! Come by and see us! 

5. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do! However, not all designs or products are open for wholesale. Skip over to the wholesale link to learn more or email me at owner@crabterrorisland.com and I can fill you in. It breaks down to creating unique pieces for your store, using designs I might not be printing anymore

6. Do your hoodies get those little balls on them?

Well, unfortunately, at times, yes. This typically happens more on the super soft, fluffy hoodies. This is the ends of the fibers coming out of the weave and typically happens in triblend materials. You should be able to "shave" the hoodie one time and not have that happen again. It is a sad thing, but the softer the hoodie, the bigger the risk of this.

7. Do you always print on triblend? I prefer cotton.

Well, I prefer triblend! It honestly prints better and easier to care for then cotton. Most of the products I find to print on are triblend. However, I am always on the hunt for new products, and if I find a good 100% cotton brand I like, I will give them a try!

8. Why don't you print on products made in the USA?

I do when I can. There are not a lot of companies out there that make quality, affordable products. Their color choices end being very limited, as do their styles. I would love to have all my products be made in the USA, and maybe that will come to fruition soon. Until the, I do the best that I can and will choose MADE IN THE USA whenever possible.