Island in a Box!


The Islander is limited edition hoodies, available only certain times of the year and printed only for those who purchase.

Here is how it works!

  • Keep an eye out on social media or in the Sina the Times newsletter to learn about when the Island in a Box will be released.
  • You will be told the basic theme of the box - - BUT THAT IS IT! Sorry, you don't get to see the design!
  • Each box will have a hoodie or t-shirt or, with an original design by Sina. This design will NEVER be printed on on a clothing item again! It is only available this one time on a hoodie or tee!
  • The design may pop up again on things like mugs, decals, or jewelry - but the sweet hoodie you got - well that won't happen again!
  • Keep in mind you will only have 10 days to purchase this item AND there are only 100 available!
  • Your Island in a Box will arrive 8-10 weeks after purchase. Why so long? Well, some of the products in the box are made specifically for the box purchasers, so it takes awhile to get those done.
  • Items in the box? They all vary - some have clothes and jewelry or other accessories! Islander Box will have a description of what to expect, when the product is LIVE on the website.
  • Each box throughout the year will be DIFFERENT.
  • Months these are available!
  • January 1-10
  • March 1-10
  • May 1-10
  • July 1-10
  • September 1-10
  • November 1-10

Check out Malie D from 101.3 KGOT unboxing Island in a Box 2!


Island in a Box has been a fun edition to the Island! Here are a few photos of designs we have come out with for the boxes! 




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