Island in a Box! Edition 2 Coming Soon!

Can you guess what the theme of this Island in a Box will be?? Eek - - as usual I am SO EXCITED for this one!!


Wait - - You don't know what this is?? Well let me introduce you to this exclusive purchase!

Island in a Box is an exclusive box of products that is sold a few times throughout the year. There will only be 100 of a specific box available for purchase, AND those will only be sold for a handful of days. Very exclusive. Very limited.

Here is how it works!

  • Keep an eye out on social media or in the Sina the Times newsletter to learn about when the Island in a Box will be released.
  • You will be told the basic theme of the box - - BUT THAT IS IT!
  • Each box will have a hoodie or t-shirt or maybe both, with an original design by Sina. This design will NEVER be printed on anything again! It is only available on the products in the box.
  • Watch for the dates that Island in a Box will be open for purchase. Keep in mind you will only have 10 days to purchase this item AND there are only 100 available!
  • There might be a few details we need from you (size, style), but other than that just wait for the box to arrive. 
  • Your Island in a Box will arrive 8-10 weeks after purchase. Why so long? Well, some of the products in the box are made specifically for the box purchasers, so it takes awhile to get those done.
  • Items in the box? Apparel and decal with the limited design and 3-5 handcrafted in the USA products that will fit the overall theme. This might be jewelry, hats, etc.
  • Each box throughout the year will be DIFFERENT.
  • 2.5% of all proceeds will go back to an organization that is voted on by the Island in the Box purchasers. The options they have to vote on will be emailed to them. 
  • Box will be available in August, shipped by end of September!
  • Sign me up so I know when this will be available!!

Let's keep in touch!

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