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Hi there!

I want to take a minute to introduce myself, before you sign up for my class! (That I am so excited for you to do)!!

I’m Sina, just a business-obsessed, entrepreneur junkie, that totally has shiny object syndrome! Let me tell you, I love business. Every aspect of it – from budgets, to marketing, to selling, but most of all I love to serve.

My background in customer service, working for Nordstrom, the leader in the industry, taught me a number of things. Including, but not limited to, what it means to have a customer driven mindset, and that the customer experience, is a direct reflection of the team experience.

Transitioning into leadership in the dental field, was a challenge at first.

However, using the skills that I had learned, treating each patient as though they were my only one,
trusting and empowering teams to give the highest level of service possible, we were able to increase production and maintain growth in the offices.

Being an entrepreneur was not on my radar, in fact I believed in working on someone else’s dream. Until, those dreams didn’t align with mine, and suddenly I was starting my own business.

This I have grown from a basement hobby, to a growing ecommerce business, paired with a brick and mortar location, in just over two years.

This was done by not only aligning the vision I had for what my business was, but also what I wanted my life to look like.

Working closely with a business coach, website designer and finding other experts that could help me grow,I quickly was able to scale my business up and see revenue growth.In addition, thousands of dollars were spent and countless hours given,  into developing my network, building a social media community, providing excellent customer service and branding my company.

Spending time as a territory manager for a dental company, it became apparent that so many businesses lack the basic idea that –poor customer service, equals poor revenue.I also found struggling entrepreneurs, that needed some guidance to determine the WHYof their businesses, develop a clear vision for what they are wanting to achieve, along with strategic social media plans, marketing avenues, and guidelines for continuing customer relationships.

It is my goal to educate other small businesses or entrepreneurs on what customer service looks like, the power of relationships, how to use social media effectively, why building an email list is the most important thing you can do, and how delegating out will be the smartest thing for you.

Can't wait to see you at a class!

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