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Growing up in tiny Unalaska, Alaska instills a sense of togetherness that brings forth ones humanity. Now based in Anchorage, Sina Sena draws from her formative years of island life in the Bering Sea to express her ideas of community, the mysteries of the ocean and her love for Alaska.

Sina's artistry is brought to life on clothing, metalwork and adhesives. The wildlife of the 49th state's rugged terrain, the flora of its wilderness, and the sea creatures of its waters, are expressed through her embrace of people. Clanking machinations of the fishing industry are present in the touches of steampunk, while the dreams of a young island girl are brushed through strokes of shooting stars and humpback songs.

Crab Terror Island is a new store offering a respite from the spiritual toll of career, college and motherhood. Women (and men) of all ages are welcome to pour a cup of coffee and offer support to one another while they peruse the latest product offerings from Sina and numbers of other female artists and entrepreneurs. It's a place to get away, restore your heart through community, and rediscover your imagination.

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