About Sina!

sina senaI am just a small island, Alaska girl, who happens to be an artist, entrepreneur and what she likes to say, creative mastermind! I am obsessed with coffee (like really, really, really obsessed with it!) and pastries (I have NO will power!), romance novels and indulging whenever possible.  I am most comfortable in an old pair of jeans, a hoodie and flats, have a standing hair appointment every four weeks and believe red lipstick gives me superpowers!! I LOVE big sparkly earrings...more bling the better!

It wasn't always my dream to have this business, in fact I really didn't want to be a business owner. It was not a part of my original plan of my life to: own a brick and mortar retail store, hire a marketing guru and bookkeeper and develop a community of supporters. In fact, just a handful of years ago you would have found me climbing the corporate ladder, in my 4 inch heels (stupid me, flats rock!), working on someone else's dream. I thought that was what I wanted....the big career, corner office, but that idea soon felt like prison.

sina senaAt the age of 36 (a husband and 3 boys later), I made a choice to act on an idea. Little did I know, that idea would become my passion, that would put me on a path to doing what I love to do. That single idea, and small investment (thank you Visa), coupled with the hours and hours of hard work, has me heading towards the vision I have for my life. I still work full time, and raise my family, but I know soon, I will be sipping coffee, working on designs in my shop!

You can usually find me reading about business (which is my passion)...and drinking coffee. Catching up on marketing blogs...and drinking coffee. Sketching a new design....and drinking coffee. And then sometimes, I am just drinking coffee and researching products "I just HAVE to have"!

crab terror island storeYou want to know what really warms my heart though, and gives me the drive to go on when times are hard? Making people feel like they can do anything and that they are important. If one person feels inspired to do something they are passionate about because of something I did or said, well then I did what I am being called to do.

I want people to know that they are not alone, and that when you have a community behind you, well, you can do anything!

Thanks so much for reading!