About Sina!

About me! (Sina!!)

Hi! I am Sina Sena. Yes, I married the right man for that last name! Alaska has been my home now for 37 years, my childhood spent in Dutch Harbor, the small island in the Bering Sea that was brought into the spotlight by the Deadliest Catch. It was 37 years ago that my parents bundled me up and we traveled from Washington to this small island that was a blip on the radar. The farm that I was born on was left behind, and our new adventure began on this rocky, stormy island. To say my childhood and growing up there was unique, does not at all describe it. Our post office was a trailer, and the roads were nothing but dirt. We used to buy burgers from McDonalds in Anchorage when traveling through and bring them back in coolers with us...they were a hot commodity. We saw the dentist every 6 months in the makeshift treatment room, and had to climb the hill behind our house a few times when tsunami warnings were issued. The weather was terrible, it was kind of isolated, but honestly it gave me the kind of childhood that I wouldn't trade for anything. It was truly memorable, and my time there was spent making life long friends, hiking the hills, visiting the docks, exploring the history of World War 2 and making my on screen debut at the local television station, Channel 8. Shows like the evening news "Flash Unalaska", was how the community stated in touch and provided local entertainment. It was how the lip sync contest was broadcast, or the interviews I did at age 9 with the Russian boat captains were aired. It was the place "Another Day in Dutch" was dreamed up and the movie "Crab Terror" was filmed. So many stories, and I was only a kid then!

(Sina reeling in the BIG one with her Dad, Jim. Maybe 1982-83?)

What I remember most though is hanging at the docks. Being a large fishing port, the docks played an integral part of the community. If you didn't work on the docks, you at least went to see the boats coming or going, or attend one of the big dock parties that would be thrown. Live bands would rocking out to the Clash, everyone would be dancing, those were the best times. There was also the life that surrounded the docks in the water, seeing the jellyfish floating just below the surface, how fragile they appear, but deadly they can be. There were always sea lions around, and there were always the warnings to stay clear of them. They are bigger and faster than they appear in the water! Even today, I love the way the ocean smells, but I love to venture out on the docks.

(Having my cast removed! In Unalaska we didn't have a full time doctor, so having something like a cast cut off was done my the family friend!)

Dutch Harbor was what gave me the idea for the Crab Terror brand. I don't eat crab, so why not put a claw on a shirt?! The movie made out there, Crab Terror, was about a giant mother crab who was terrorizing the residents of the island. Maybe that fear scared me enough to not want to eat crab? What I do know is that crabs are a pretty amazing creature, and the fisherman who catch them are crazy, strong, but insane to do what they do. Crab Terror clothing is about that. Be strong, be weird, be crazy, be wild. Just like those men and women, battling the ocean in the attempt to find the King.

The City of Unalaska


(Steampunk Mermaid design. Copyright 2015)



(Sina *3yrs old, halibut fishing with her Dad, Jim)






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