April 29, 2019 2 min read

The reasons I love wearing my hoodies are pretty simple:

1. I enjoy going sans-bra some days  
2. I love being warm and cozy
3. I enjoy eating donuts and french fries
4. I can do I want to

Bras: Admit it. When you get home the first thing you yank of and sling-shot across your bed is that dang bra, right? Shoot! Sometimes I get mine off before the shoes come off. I don't care how well a bra fits, it's always more comfortable without one.

Warm and Cozy: I'm not one to show much skin. I love feeling snug and cozy in my clothes; nothing tight and binding for this chick! Hoodies feel like a second skin to me, like a soft blanket that wraps around me with love, like a Hoodie Hug. 

Donuts and French Fries: I've learned to enjoy my food and not see it as my enemy. There was a time when I dieted and worked out obsessively, always scrutinizing my body, counting every calorie, and loathing myself for being weak when I ate something tasty. But no more! I love myself the way I am now! And part of that is not obsessing over every pound or two that comes along. 

What I Want: When I worked for someone else there was always an expected dress attire, if not a mandatory one. Now that I work for myself I can not only wear what I want, I can make what I want to wear! No more looking in my closet and being frustrated with my options. Everyday I enjoy putting on just what I want to wear. 

I'm not going to conform, adapt, or dress to please anyone other than myself. I deserve that, and you do too. While it's not always possible to do for all women at all times, you deserve to do it when you can. Stop worrying about what others think you should wear and please yourself. 

What do you want to wear? 

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