Yep. “You look great, have you lost weight”.


Of course, I smile, laugh it off. (Cue fake Hollywood wives laugh). “No, definitely no weight loss here” I say. Truthfully though I want to ask “So, I didn’t look great before?” Then follow that up with a big fuck you.

I mean, its getting really old, our beauty defined by our size, our weight, the thickness of our thighs, bra size, and well the list goes on, but you get it.

Here we are, supposed to be in the whole body positivity movement, loving ourselves, embracing our imperfections , women supporting women, blah, blah, blah- yet, a small comment like this means we still view thin as beautiful and fat as not. (Which is S.T.UP.I.D.)

No fucking wonder woman of all ages have serious self esteem issues, I mean if we can’t even compliment one another and not bring weight loss into it, than how are we supposed to lift each other up? Is our beauty really defined by what a scale says? Or what size pant we wear? Do we get less attractive as we get older? Am I less worthy because I am not a size 4? And just because your all into cross fit, does not mean you are any more amazing then me!

Ladies, we need to start changing how we think, we need to watch what we say, our actions towards one another need to be focused on building each other up. 

And FYI, the next person who suggests I look better thinner might just get slapped!

Have a good one!

- Sina