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August 30, 2017

I'm freezing. 

Its day 7 at the AK State Fair. I am exhausted, hungry, on the verge of tears. 

It is windy, cold, my booth looks like a train wreck, sales are slow.

I feel like a failure.

This is where I have to decide. Is this going to break me? Or will this make me stronger? Do I have what it takes? Do I want to quit? 


This journey has been a rough one. I have made plenty of mistakes, way more than I choose to acknowledge. So let's focus on the wins for a moment.

Daughters are recieving my designs as gifts as they start school. Cancer survivors are finding strength in my words. My community is growing with beautiful mermaids, lucky elephants, singing whales, wise owls, rising Phoenix's, blooming flowers, swimming salmon and more. I am BLESSED. I AM BLESSED.

So yes, I'm cold, sitting in a windy tent. My finger tips are numb, and I would kill for a vanilla latte. I'm so foggy, with lack of sleep it's not funny.

But I wouldn't trade this time. I wouldn't erase this moment. Why? Because the low points are blurred over by the many positives. I have got the COOLEST COMMUNITY ever! The support and love I receive is humbling. I am continually grateful for the ability to sit outside, in the cold, dark and rain and build Crab Terror Island with you all.



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