January 03, 2018 3 min read

Why is that we only celebrate when we have lost weight or fit into a smaller size? It seems like everywhere I turn its some new fad diet, or someone standing in a dressing room showing us all that they now fit a size smaller than they did 5 months earlier. 

Drives me crazy.

Now, I am not saying that if a person feels better about themselves, because they took up a new fitness regime, that it is not something to celebrate. It is. You should feel good about yourself.

But, what if you have tried to lose weight, or maybe just have a busy schedule that does not allow for spin classes, or better yet, have no desire to give up pie or coffee? Can't we still post beautiful photos of ourselves, and stand in a dressing room showing off the new dress we get to buy or jeans we are going to be rocking? Aren't we still beautiful?

Here is the thing. I have been a size 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. I once spent an entire year in a gym. Literally every morning at 4:30AM for almost 2 hours. I counted every calorie, ate zero sugar and lived on egg whites and protein powder. (Have NO will power for that now)!

And I look back at pictures and I was a skeleton. Literally, I look like I was on the verge of death.

But society tells me that I should have been happy where I was at. I mean I went from a 10 to a 4, had like no body fat..and..I was healthy? I would look at myself in the mirror, thrilled that I was so tiny. I took pictures of myself and couldn't believe that those little jeans fit me.(Needless to say I had to WORK to stay that small)

Fast forward 11 years in the future. I am nearing 40. Have 3 kids. Work 40 hours a week for a company, while working 60 hours a week for my own business, while still trying to be a mom and wife. I live on coffee, eat like 2 times a day and have gained weight. I try to go for a walk once and awhile, but spend more time seat dancing in my car. I literally have to buy new jeans because I grew out of mine!! At first I was depressed, I mean I couldn't believe it. I suddenly didn't want to eat, wanted to hide and felt like I had done something wrong. 

But then it hit me. (BAM!!!!!! Lightening Strike!!!!)

I get to go SHOPPING!!! Whoop whoop!

I get to go buy some new clothes. True, they might be a bigger size, BUT WHO CARES!! I look in the mirror and I see a hard working mom and wife who is taking on the world. My boobs look freaking great (when I was dieting I looked more like a little boy!), I have hips, a nice booty and a man who still wants to do the dirty deed (wink, wink)! I have kids who love me unconditionally, friends, a thriving business and a smile and hair that receive compliments all the time! So yeah, I am going to feel good for where I am at. I am going shopping. 

And I am going to take pictures in that damn dressing room and show off my new jeans!! Because regardless of what size we are, we ALL have something amazing to offer. We are ALL beautiful and pretty darn AMAZING!!! So celebrate yourself.

Thanks for reading!


 (Me and my new Slink jeans)!!


Sina Sena is the creative mastermind behind Crab Terror Island! She is a HUGE lover of coffee and all things made with gluten. She believes in loving yourself above all else and working non-stop towards your goals! 


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