January 31, 2018

Guess what?! Valentine's Day is next month! I am so excited, this is literally my favorite holiday!

Now don’t start rolling your eyes, thinking I am going to get all mushy and talk about hearts, flowers, unicorns and pixie dust. I am really not that romantic, and honestly for the last 18 years my husband has given me IOUs!(Whole other blog post right there)!!

Want to know why I love, love, love Valentines Day? It is really, really quite simple.

I love me.

That is it.

I love me. Me. Me. Me. I love ME! I LOVE ME!

Valentines is the day that I spoil myself.

  • This is the day that I say yes to the 20 oz. latte.
  • The day I indulge and eat as many chocolate chip cookies as I want.
  • This is they day I don’t feel at all bad about reading about some hot Scottish highlander in a trashy romance novel.
  • This is the day that I buy myself a little treat, like a pair of sparkly Converse or that gorgeous new lipstick shade I saw last month.
  • This is the day that I binge watch Married at First Sight, or some other stupid reality television show.
  • Valentine's Day is when I wrap myself up in my cozy hoodie, put on my thick socks, bust out a box of chocolates and go to town!

If Valentines is all about love, then why is there so much negativity around it. I mean, who says that it is only a fabulous day if someone buys you something to show that they love you?

Why not buy yourself something, because you love yourself?? Right?!

This is a day about sweet, yummy, wrap yourself in a giant hug INDULGENCE!

And….I LOVE IT!!

So, I tell you. This is my favorite. Join me! This year don’t buy something for someone else. Don’t buy your husband that necktie, shoot, instead buy yourself a new purse and tell him to go buy himself something! Don’t be depressed that you didn’t get flowers delivered to you at work (FYI, they eventually die). Instead, think of yourself. Treat yourself!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Thanks for reading!


Sina is a lifelong Alaskan, mother of 3 boys, wife to Floyd and mastermind behind Crab Terror Island. She doesn't like to camping, fishing or really to do anything outside, hates cooking and finds more enjoyment drinking her beloved coffee and reading a good romance novel. She hopes to meet as many people as she can, will be the person to strike up a conversation on the airplane with a stranger and loves to work on her business all the time! She believes that hard work and building a community gives her the superpowers to do anything!

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