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When I opened Crab Terror Island over one year ago, I trusted that you would come. For so long I had heard from my Islanders that they wanted a gathering place to mingle together and bask in "our community". I went out on a limb, put everything I had into opening this shop, and trusted you.

You didn't let me down. 

There have been times that the store was so packed I couldn't get across the room. We've had laughs, tears and plenty of coffee here together. There have been quiet days, but those are few and far between. My Islanders have come to shop, share and show their friends. 

I am so glad I trusted you! Like most people, trust doesn't come easy for me. There have been situations in my life where trusting other women has really bit me in the behind. But we all walk around with scars from the past. I'm not going to let that ruin my life now.

My Islanders have proven time and again they trust me too. Every purchase, every gift you've bought for someone you love, every time you've told a friend about Crab Terror Island, you've put your trust in me. You've trusted that I will make amazing art on quality fabrics and that I stand behind my work 100%. You know I am here to answer questions and help you look fantastic.

When I launched the Island in a Box, now named The Islander, I knew you were going to have to trust me again. Buying something sight unseen is a huge leap for some people. Even some of my most loyal Islanders have balked at the idea, just a little hesitant at buying something they can't be sure about. 

I understand. As I said, trust doesn't always come easy. Just know that everyday I open these doors it's because I trust you and know you will support Crab Terror Island. I've bet my entire family's life on the success of this shop and you haven't let me down yet.  

Now, you're just going to have to trust me a little.

Learn more about The Islander!

3 Responses

Ronni Sullivan
Ronni Sullivan

December 28, 2019

I love your designs and I love the vibe in your wonderful store. I wait patiently for the next new temptations. Next Islander edition will tempt and tease me and I’ll be thrilled with it, as always. Hoping some whales or otters, sea lions, critters or scenery, any other charming design will come along soon.

Laurie Nusbaum
Laurie Nusbaum

January 28, 2019

It’s been so much fun becoming an Islander. I always enjoy coming into shop and look and touch everything. Chatting with you is always a bonus. Keep up the great work!


January 26, 2019

We love you and your artistic gift! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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