August 09, 2017

So you have an idea huh? Something that you want to do? A task you want to accomplish? A goal you want to achieve?

Hate to tell you, but you are the only one who can truly get it done. I mean, sure there are a TON of hurdles to leap over and issues that you have to overcome. Starting a business means you have to have money. Climbing Mt. Everest means you might need to hit the gym a time or two. Learning to make sushi like a pro, well, you might need to take a class on that. All of those things take time, money, support and most of all, your sheer freaking determination to get it done.

What is the saying? If there is a will, there is a way. I stick to that rule all the time. I mean, there are tons of times I am so exhausted from working ALL THE TIME and still trying to be a good mom and wife, that I can't think straight. At that point, each and every hurdle becomes unbearable. Every problem becomes the death of me. I will be honest and say, I spend plenty of times staring at a wall, maybe crying, and FREAKING THE F**K OUT!

And that's okay.

Because I shake it off. I take the time to let myself be in the depths of despair, and think there is no way I can do what I am trying to do. Sure, I didn't have any money to start a business. I definitely didn't have the time. I had a "so-so" support system. And even now, everything I make goes back to building the business. I still don't have time. I have a WONDERFUL support system. But most important, I have this undying passion and stubbornness to not give up. So I find ways to take the next step. Man, how I wish I had tens of thousands of dollars in the bank, where I could open a cool Crab Terror Store, and hang out with awesome people all day.

Into Sina's mind.............I would get to design all day, come up with fun retreats, dream, drink coffee and do what I love all day, every day.

That's my goal.

It is daunting thinking about it. How will I get there? What will it take? The list goes on and on. What I do know, is that I have to find the answers to those questions, and NOT let those questions provide me the excuse to not go on. Because if I let the enormity of starting a business, weigh me down, and I give up. It is not the work, it is me who quit on myself.

So. Nothing is easy that you really want. There is always a way. It might take longer than what you wanted. It might take sleepless nights and missing out on girls night! It might take borrowing money, it might take you working 3 jobs, it might take living a simpler life, it WILL take you giving it 100% and never giving up.

And those are my thoughts.

Be a warrior.

Inspire. Motivate. Empower.


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