May 14, 2018 2 min read

Ok, I am going to get really real here. Like, I hope this does not scare anyone from being an entrepreneur - - but this is what I have learned. Let's call this Sina's 5 Truths About Being An Entrepreneur.

1. You are going to want to quit. More than once. Maybe every other day, or maybe every single day. There are going to be these moments, where you wonder what you were thinking!?! You are going to question each and every thing you have ever done. There will be days that seem hopeless. That put doubt in your mind. It is okay. We all feel this. Just take a breath and power through!

2. You might gain some weight. Not everyone will, it kind of depends on how obsessed with business you are! If growing your business becomes priority number one, than eating right might become the last! Ugh.....DONUTS are my friend!!!!

3. People will tell you to quit. Now, they might not come right out and say it, but the words they choose will insinuate that. They plant doubt in what you are doing. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! You don't have to prove anything to them. 

4. You will make mistakes. Get over it!!! It will happen. You are going to spend money on things that you shouldn't have. You will sign up for the wrong event. You will miss it on marketing. Who knows what it is, but it is going to happen. That is when you learn, regroup, figure out how you can do better!

5. You have to be accepting of people not liking your stuff! It is OKAY!! Not everyone likes you product, don't cry over it. Find your target person and only worry about them! If we all liked the same thing - -how boring would that be??!!! Love the people who love your stuff, and don't worry about the rest!!

Being an entrepreneur/small business owner, can be the most exhausting and rewarding thing every! Build your community and get to work!!

Thanks for reading!

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