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It's funny, we teach our children how to color in the lines. We praise them when they do. GOLD STARS FOR THESE KIDS!! No one wants a messy picture, right? There are lines and an image that is meant to be colored a certain way, and we teach, and were most likely taught, not to go outside the lines. Don't even get me started on Paint by Numbers!

But what if those lines become a barrier. What if they are a giant fence that stifles you, limits your individuality, pressures you to follow the norm of what society tells you? What then? If we were taught our whole childhood to color in the lines, and then as adults we want to break out, is it possible? Or because we are conditioned a certain way, are more of us likely to throw away our dreams and plans, because they are not within the lines!

This just got deep people!!

You see I am at a cross roads. I look out and see what I want. I see my vision of owning my own business, inspiring people, creating and being the person I want (FYI, she has pink and teal hair, tattoos and rides a motorcycle). I see this strong, daring woman, who grabs life by the reigns and rides it out.

Live In The Now! Embrace Your Journey! Life Is Too Short!

She has faith it will all work out, that the universe won't let her down. She doesn't have a strict plan, but more of a rough guideline. She is the person I want to be and I think I am.....

But, then I see the lines.

The lines tell me that there won't be the security that I have with an employer. That it will all be on my shoulders....the benefits, pay, insurance, etc. The lines tell me that I must be responsible. The lines tell me that if I color within them, that after 45 years of being miserable at a job, I will be able to retire. The lines tell me to not take a risk.

It is hard to deprogram yourself. To not be worried about the things you are naturally inclined to worry about, to think that you are not meeting societies standards because you want to do things your way. It is hard to color outside the lines, when you are constantly being made to erase and try again.


Our Pledge:

As members of Crab Terror Island:

-We will always believe in ourselves and the power of our community.

-We will work tirelessly in our own self interest to achieve our personal goals.

-We will offer encouragement and positive insight to others.

-We will celebrate ALL of our achievements.

-We ARE the Crab Terror Island Community and we are not alone in believing we can do anything.

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Sash Walker
Sash Walker

January 11, 2018

I wish I had been brave earlier in my life and jumped outside the lines I put myself behind. But I did it at age 45 and I’m grateful I did. 7 years of being free, authentic and learning to love myself has been the most rewarding part of my life.

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