December 09, 2017

I cry a lot about business. Like, I stress out a lot about everything. Am I buying the right inventory? Will the designs sell? Are they priced right? Do I charge for shipping? You name it, it is on my stress list.

But, then I have these amazing moments. 

I receive a message from a woman who said I inspired her.

I get a picture of a beautiful smiling woman, wearing one of my designs.

A woman reads one of my messages, places her hand on her heart and tells me it reminds me of her daughter.

I get an outpouring of support from the community of Islanders that is behind me, and THAT makes all the stress and tears worth it.

Business is not always fun. In fact, I would say it sucks 80% of the time. But it is that 20% that I hold on time. Those moments that bring happy tears to my eyes, fill my heart with love and keep me moving forward. 

Turning your passion into a business is an exhausting, but truly rewarding process and one that I can't wait to help others experience!

Thanks for reading!



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