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Over the last year I have gained around 20 pounds. The only reason I know that, is because I made the ultimate mistake and stepped on a scale. WTF??!!!

I don't know why I do that! Why do we do that to ourselves??!!! Mind boggling - that we reduce ourselves to a freaking number.

Let me be honest though - I feel more sexy now, than when I was smaller. Now, I am not saying we all need to be curvy, or skinny to feel sexy. What I am saying is that, we individually need to determine what that feels like that for us personally.

I am married to an AMAZING man. Who, god love him, thinks all women are beautiful (he likes to say that he doesn't have a type, because why would you want to limit your options)! He found me sexy when I was 110 pounds (not a good look on me), and finds me sexy now.

And I have to agree with him. Because honestly - my boobs are awesome! I like being curvy, soft, feeling like a pinup model! 

When I get down on myself, it is because I am letting the "ideals" of society dictate what I should look like. They whisper in my ear that I shouldn't feel good about myself because my thighs rub, or I have got booty for days. They tell me my hips should be smaller, that I should have a six pack. 

AND I LISTEN TO THEM!!! I let the self criticism sink in. I let myself start to use the term "diet" more often - AND I hate that!! (Because no way I am giving up donuts or my daily allowance of coffee)!!

So  - if I exercise, it is just because I want that rush of energy getting your heart rate up. If I eat a salad, it is just because I want one. I don't have it in me to be a size 6 again - instead ladies, I embrace the curves I have. 

So put on the sexy lingerie. Tease the hair. Put on that killer shade of red lipstick. Find your inner goddess. Be bold. Be brave. Own who you are. Only you can define who you are!

Me - I am a curvy, funny, brilliant, smart, kind, badass woman!! What kind of woman are you?!


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Sina Sena is a small island, Alaska girl, who has BIG goals! She is a novice coffee connoisseur loves romance novels and is always down to eat sweets! She is married to her high school sweetheart, and they are trying to not get run over by their three boys! As a  mom she believes that it is important to maintain her own identity and knows she is better because she works hard everyday to pursue her own goals.  If you ever want to talk business, it is what makes her want to leap out of bed everyday (except in the winter, because Alaska is freaking cold then)!

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March 31, 2019

Yes you are, yes we are and together we are stronger than ever!


July 21, 2018

This was such a wonderful thing to read! Thank you!

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