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I dream big. I have absolutely expansive visions for myself. I have always seen the world and my ability to impact it in an enormous way.

But just like everyone, I have self doubt. I get stuck behind my own self-defeating talk and fear. If I allow those thoughts to fester and grow, giving power to them in doing so, I will be doomed. 

I won't let this negativity stop me, but it sometimes slows down my progress towards reaching these dreams.

And sometimes I know my goals but I don't know how to get there. That's when that self-doubt kicks in.

"You don't even know what you're doing? You can't do this. You've taken on too much. Who do you think you are?"

At this moment I have the choice to give in to those fears or get help to overcome this obstacle. I stand upon the presipice. 

The event horizon is a boundary around the entrance to a black hole. Since it would take something moving faster than the speed of light to escape a black hole, and nothing moves faster than the speed of light, nothing that goes into a black hole can ever come out. Once something passes over the event horizon, it is doomed to be stuck in the black hole forever.

Once a person gives in the power of the Black Hole of Fear, there's no escape. 

As I see the event horizon before me, I will reach out for help, because I know I cannot do this alone. The incredible vacuum force of the black hole of fear may be too much for me, but I with the help of other women to encourage me and guide me, I can overcome these obstacles and reach my dreams. 

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May 20, 2019

Love popping in and chatting with you 🥰

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