October 02, 2017 1 min read

Today marks the day of my first event I ever did, my BIG debut October 2, 2015!πŸ’₯ How nervous I was, and how disappointed I remember being. I had higher hopes, thought I would sell more. Man, did I feel like a huge failure after the 3 day show. I remember being so embarrassed, and thought I made the biggest mistake ever.
I had spent money on product I did not have, and wasn't sure how to handle the feeling of failure.πŸ”₯
It was horrible.
It didn't stop me though.
I went back to the drawing board. Again and again and again.
I took bad advice, I listened to good advice. I wasted more money, I gave up a lot of my time.
Somewhere within me though, I knew I had a bigger purpose. I knew that I could figure it out. What's amazing, is that there are people in my community that new I could do it from that very first show. Even when I felt like a failure.
They saw it.
I look at today as the journey just really taking off.
I have more people supporting me. More people inspiring me and motivating me and empowering me.
I know my purpose now.
I have a plan.
But I will NEVER forget how I felt that first time I showed my product. How excited I was, and how defeated I became.
Because remembering that, owning that, and growing from that, has taught me that the setbacks teach you. The battles make you stronger.
If it is your passion, than pursue it.
-Sy 2017

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