January 02, 2018

There is always enough time. 

Nothing drives me more crazy than when someone tells me they "really want to_______", but they just don't have the time.

Seriously?? You don't have time? Like, none at all? 

I mean, I don't have time to do laundry, or clean the bathroom or cook, but I also HATE to do those things, so I don't make time for them. (That is why I have kids, they can do it!).

But I LOVE to build my business. I LOVE to be creative. I LOVE to spend time with my kids (when they aren't having to fold laundry...which is NOT that often, so don't sit there judging me. I pay for everything, the least they can do is clean the goddamn sink!)

Moving on.

I LOVE to do what I LOVE to do.....so I make time. People are always kind of surprised when I tell them that Crab Terror Island is not my only job. I have a full time career, I volunteer at my kids school, I do homework with them, I read 2 books a week, I DON"T exercise, but I do take my dog out, I watch movies.....I kind of do it all. Yes, my days are full, but it is with stuff that I want to do. So I make the time for it all. 

If you want to do something, you enjoy doing it, your passionate about it, you will make time for it. You will schedule your life a little bit. You will prioritize a little more. 

Because, well like we all say, life is short! Make the time to do what is important!!

Thanks for reading!


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