September 25, 2017

Sorry, it's true.

You see it is not that their success isn't great to read about, but I want to hear the horror stories of how they started a business. You know, tell the tales of how self doubt riddled their thoughts almost daily. Oh, and about the amount of tears they shed when they were alone. Or even better, talk about how the weight of it all nearly crippled them at times.

Then they can talk about how they came out on the other side smelling like roses.

How sales grew.

They were able to quit their day job.

They are living the American dream.

They sold 7000 units of lip gloss, or whatever.

But before they get there, I want to hear about the shit they went through to get there.

Nothing drives me more crazy, than when I see these headlines.."Business opens retail store and clears $88,000 on opening day"!, or "internet genius sells idea for a whopping $1.2 million".

Not that it isn't impressive, and sure, they should be proud. They should celebrate those achievements. But when success happens people suddenly they don't want to talk about the thousands of cartons of ramen they had to eat, because they had no money when working on their start-up. They don't share the gory details of the 100 hours they put in every 5 days. No one wanted to talk to them when they were just starting out, they hadn't made it yet...they weren't news worthy.

Then, when they do make it, they just want to talk about how they "increased traffic by sending emails", or "hand wrote thank you cards, that's what brought in the millions". They don't mention that they had send out hundreds of emails, and only about 20% of them were opened at any given time!!!!!

You see, I celebrate with them.

YOU DID IT!!! Congratulations.

But, I want to know that I am not the only fresh of the boat entrepreneur, that

-has panic attacks

-is riddled with self doubt

-thinks everyone hates her because one person unlikes her Facebook page

-wants to scream, cry and laugh all at the same time. 

I want to know that I am not the only terrified entrepreneur out there. I want to know that they were in my same shoes, with similar struggles.

In a nutshell, I want to hear the beginning of the story. The no holds barred, gritty, to the bone details. Leave nothing out, fear no evil type stuff. Because, then and only then, do you inspire me. Only after I know the back story, do I sit back and say "Wow, you did it".


Islander Pledge

As members of Crab Terror Island:

-We will always believe in ourselves and the power of our community.

-We will work tirelessly in our own self interest to achieve our personal goals.

-We will offer encouragement and positive insight to others.

-We will celebrate ALL of our achievements.

-We ARE the Crab Terror Island Community and we are not alone in believing we can do anything.

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