July 17, 2017 2 min read

These last few weeks have really made me realize that my idea is catching on. You  know, I started with an idea of putting a design on a shirt. Honestly, it was the most unfulfilling thing I could have done. So I put something on a shirt, and people buy it. Huh. Yeah, I mean I get some money in my pocket, but in the grand scheme of something I am not connecting with these people. They aren't getting to know me, or me them. I take their money and the transaction is done.

I knew right away that I wanted more. No, you know what, I NEEDED more. I needed to make an impact, I needed to connect with people on a personal level. I didn't realize it at the time, but I wanted to my desire for the connection with people, to find ways to inspire people, to build a community that was about going after a dream, helping each other, working hard, being warriors, daring to have goals so high that the possibility of failure was greater than succeeding...but still going after them.

So I switched gears. I stopped reading blogs and articles on how I should run my business, and started doing things how I wanted. I worked hard, I created, I inspired myself, I drew, I wrote, I made videos. And while I doing that I talked to people. When they purchased a hoodie, they were purchasing a piece of my passion. They were buying a piece of the Crab Terror Community, becoming part of the movement. Suddenly I was connecting with people. My designs and messages had meaning. And when I started getting the hugs, the kind words, the pats on the back, the tears, and the laughs, I knew that I was on to something bigger than myself.

It is NOT about the design. It is NOT about the item. Those are my outlets to interact with people. That is how I have figured out to make an impact in someone's life and that right there brings me more joy and feeling of contentment than anything else. Because when someone comes up to me and gives me a big hug, and tells me that because of telling them they should follow their dream, they did and are loving it, then I know that it doesn't matter the items I sell or how many. Because that moment is priceless.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me this far. May the journey continue on. I appreciate you more than you could ever know and honestly would not be where I am now without you.


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