September 11, 2018 2 min read

As an entrepreneur, you constantly have to find ways to increase your brand strength. You have to have something that others don't, something that you can offer to your customers or clients, that is original to your brand.

It was this way of thinking that brought me to launching Island in a Box, a limited edition design box. It was taking the model of keeping my products limited, coupling it with a design that would only be offered that one time, and then offering it at limited times, in very limited quantities.

The first box launched in May 2018, I was on pins and needles. Would my customers, or "Islanders" as I like to call them respond to this? What would the feed back be? Surprisingly, it was better than I anticipated and encouraged me to launch a second and then get a third on the books.

(Island in a Box Edition 1)

What I love about producing Island in a Box, is that I get to do a design that one time, no pressure to ever do it again, and allows people to be in a kind of "club" if you want to say that. 

(Island in a Box Edition 1)

Each box is different. Some have multiple items, others are just a hoodie. Price points vary, as do what brand the design is printed on. Sometimes people have a color choice, other times they don't. That is what is so fun, they are constantly changing. 

 People have to opt in every time, so its not like a subscription box that automatically renews. I give people hints on theme, so they can decide if they want to be part of that particular design.

(Island in a Box Edition 2)

Islanders got to choose their color!

(Custom necklace from Here & There Boutique for IIAB 2)

(Handcrafted earrings from Poptone for IIAB 2)

The catch is that no one gets to see the design - they are trusting that I will come up with something epic for them. It is a lot of pressure, but at the same time is very heart warming to see the people who do give that trust to me.

Island in a Box has been an amazing edition to Crab Terror Island, and is something that sets my brand apart and gives my customers a chance to be exclusive. Something that I strive for in my brand as well.

Check out Island in a Box here! The next one goes LIVE October 1st - 10th! There are only 100 offered!


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