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Evolving on Wings (follow the project) is a pilot project meant to give women a safe place to share what inspires them, their struggles, their accomplishments, their losses and more - in a sense, share pieces of themselves. Through sharing, we give support to other women, by showing them that they are not alone. By sharing, we empower women and encourage them to be true to themselves.

This project was born from an idea that Amber of Crafty Girl Designs had. Her vision is to bring her cranes to people who are healing, either emotionally, spiritually or physically, and create large scale art installations, using them to show that magic happens through art and words. Follow Amber on Instagram!

“My overall goal is to be able to create interactive art that is healing, inviting and impactful.”

Like many women she wears many hats that range from being a mother to CEO of her household, and the part that gets lost is her own personal identity.  At the end of the day what recharges her, is striving to be the best that she can be. By sharing what battles she is working on, what successes she is having and gathering support from those within her circle, letting them cheer her on, lead the way, encourage and push her to be the woman she is meant to be.

What began as a way to heal during a tragedy in her life, the cranes Amber folds have now become a way to celebrate life, love, a journey, a loss and so much more.

Partnering with Sina of Crab Terror Island seemed like a good fit, as she is known for being authentic and shares her struggles of being not only an entrepreneur, but a woman, a mom, and a  wife, in the hopes of letting others know they are not alone. Her business offers a place to get away from the spiritual toll of motherhood, career, school and more. Her designs are typically accompanied with strong words of encouragement and being true to yourself. She uses her art and words to empower women to take care of themselves and to show them it is okay to follow every dream they have. (Follow Sina on Facebook).


 “If something I share, gives one woman the strength to make a positive change in her life, to realize her value, to take action, than I have done what I am being called to do”


So this is our grand plan.

With items that can be strung (beads, shells, jewelry, etc), pages from books of inspiration, and handwritten messages from women sharing a piece of themselves, Amber will be creating multiple Crane Mobiles and Crane Strands. Up to 6 of the mobiles will be gifted to women focused organizations. A select number of strands and mobiles will also be available for purchase. Many of the strands will be installed in Crab Terror Island to be used as a stand towards community, to show a solidarity of support, to simply bring women together with no judgment, with no expectations, to lift each other up and be the very best we can be.

On August 7th, from 6:00-9:00 PM, we will be having a community journaling event. Join us for a night of togetherness, write your message, get a hand massage, DIY your own succulent plant, sip a glass of wine and be surrounded by other like minded women. 

We will have an unveiling on October 1st at 6:00PM. Stay tuned for details.

How can you be involved:

  1. Come into Crab Terror Island and write your handwritten message. Below are things that you might want to write about. You can sign it or leave it anonymous. The letters will be folded into beautiful origami cranes, and your words become part of this interactive form of art, as they will be strung with other cranes written from other women, or from pages of books that impacted someone's life, or art that was drawn from someone's heart
  2. You can also send your handwritten message in. Please use a 6x6 inch square of paper (not cardstock). Send to Crab Terror Island, 751 E 36th Ave Ste 112, Anchorage AK 99503. We are asking for handwritten only, as there is something that makes it more personal this way.
  3. Bring in or send small items that can be strung. Jewelry, beads, shells ( that don’t require drilling), etc. If there is a story you would like to share about an item you send in, please do! It is all about sharing!
  4. Provide books that mean something to you. The pages will be removed, painted with beautiful water colors and folded into cranes.
  5. The handwritten notes will be kept in a book, and ideally used to continue this movement going forward. Once again, you do not need to leave your name, we understand that sometimes it is healing to just write something down.

    All gifts and handwritten messages need to be to us by August 19th, 2018.

    -Where the magic of art and word is used to give women strength to be true to themselves.

    Ideas of things to write about! These are your stories, your words.

    • If I knew I could not fail at this I would do:
    • What true self care looks like:
    • The best advice I ever got:
    • My biggest dream/goal:
    • My greatest strength is.. and an example of how I use it:
    • Hindsight - what I have learned from my past and how I want to go forward:
    • 3 things that I am grateful for right now:
    • Where is my heart guiding me:
    • What do I need to say that I have left unspoken:
    • What fears am I willing to release:
    • How do I want to feel:
    • Where can I surrender:
    • What challenge have I overcome:
    • How is life asking me to grow right now:
    • What have I been avoiding out of fear:
    • What has my intuition been trying to tell me:
    • What pain can I release and how will I do it:
    • What would the perfect love letter to myself look like:
    • What dream have I ignored that keeps coming back:
    • 3 ways I can be kinder to MYSELF:
    • When do I feel most alive:
    • Who can I forgive, and why:
    • How do I measure success:
    • Who inspires me:
    • I feel beautiful when:
    • Top 3 personal bucket list items:

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    October 03, 2018


    Shiloh Powell
    Shiloh Powell

    August 11, 2018

    Just a note to say that my sister’s comment above made me cry. Lol! I love you all so much. SO MUCH!

    Sarah Bogart
    Sarah Bogart

    July 28, 2018

    What a fantastic concept and beautiful idea! I may not be artistic, but learning how to share. Amazing women to see this need and find a way to fill it.

    Diana Whited
    Diana Whited

    July 27, 2018

    Inspiration, much?
    Amber, Sina-
    I found you through a woman I am so lucky to call sister and so happy to share with you: Shiloh.
    Your words and womanly ways ARE healing, transformative, and powerful!
    Art is rather new in my life, but I am more than delighted and finally open to discovering the expression within!
    You bet your sweet asses I’m IN on this!!
    Sharing is caring!!
    I love you!
    -Sister Diana

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