November 29, 2017

I honestly can't wait for my kids to be grown, because I will never put up a Christmas Tree again!

I don't know what it is, why I look at the holidays as just another day. There is nothing special about Valentines Day, no magic around Christmas for me. To me, I am forced to have to participate, because I would just skip over them all together.

What is entirely funny, is that I grew up in a house where all holidays were celebrated. We had homemade Valentines cards to hand out, 20 foot Christmas Trees, 4th of July Parades to attend and green cookies on St. Patties Day. I have the greatest memories of Thanksgiving with the family and friends that were invited. Seeing our dome house lit up like a space ship in the winter was amazing. The ghost cookies my mom would decorate for my class at school were always a highlight, along with the gingerbread men that would fill our home with the most delicious smell!

So why, with all of these great memories that I have, do I have NO DESIRE to do any of these things for my boys?

There is a part of me that feels guilty, you know, when I roll my eyes about going to see Santa. Or the neighborhood house that decorates like crazy for Halloween, when I don't even carve pumpkins. I want to keep my kids home from school when they celebrate Valentines Day, because I don't want to waste money or time having to fill out those stupid cards, that just end up in the trash. I don't even bring them to birthday parties...because in our house a simple cake, a few gifts and we are good (nope, I REFUSE to spend money on birthday parties!)

Now...some of you may be shocked, I am sure my mom is one of them. You are thinking, "these poor kids, don't even get to carve pumpkins!!" Oh the horror!!!

But here is what I do for my kids:

*I work 80 hours a week to provide for them.

*I volunteer at their school.

*I help with homework every night.

*I make sure they have food to eat, clothes to wear and a bed to sleep in.

*I tell them I love them every day.

They might not have a mom who wants to bake cookies, or decorate a tree, or throw a huge birthday party. But they do have a mom who works tirelessly to make sure they have everything they NEED in life, and in my scope, Halloween costumes just don't meet that criteria.

But, at the same time I want my boys to have some of the same memories I did. So, we will put up a tree, go trick-or-treating, and roast a turkey or 2. BUT as soon as they are 18.....I am done with it all!:)

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