July 18, 2018

The other day it dawned on me that in just a few years, I will only have to order one pizza for my husband and I - and that will last us a few days! I won't have to be ordering 3 PIZZAS at once to feed these kids!!

Whoop whoop! I mean, people ask me what its like raising kids. "Simple math" is what I say. Take $3.89 multiplied by 365 and that is roughly what I spend on milk a year.

What do you think it is like?!

Now don't get me wrong - my boys are why I work so hard. Truly, I want them to have every opportunity I can afford. BUT - when I can buy a bag of chips a the store and they last me for a whole month - shoot life will be so much easier (which really I mean "cheaper"!)

It is crazy how much you spend on having kids. Between the clothes, the food, the extra activities, the games, the vacations - seriously, no one tells you that it costs what it really does. 

Somehow though, we all manage to get through it. Now, I am out of the baby stage, heading to the world where the kids are all grown and gone - and this girl is eating out every chance she gets, because I WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT!!!!

Well, I am off to eat the good chocolate that I have hidden from the kids - because ALL good and wise moms do that!

Sina Sena is a small island, Alaska girl, who has BIG goals! She is a novice coffee connoisseur loves romance novels and is always down to eat sweets! She is married to her high school sweetheart, and they are trying to not get run over by their three boys! As a  mom she believes that it is important to maintain her own identity and knows she is better because she works hard everyday to pursue her own goals.  If you ever want to talk business, it is what makes her want to leap out of bed everyday (except in the winter, because Alaska is freaking cold then)!


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