January 02, 2018 2 min read

Day 1:
Countdown has begun! I have a realtor, hopefully will be signing a lease this week on a space for my store!
Can’t believe it is actually going to happen. Was thinking more towards the end of 2018, but things are aligning and my instincts are telling me that it is time to “put up or shut up”!

So, once the lease is signed, the work will really begin. Fixtures need to be built, product inventory needs to increased, marketing ideas will be outlined, and the downward pressure of owning a brick and mortar store will fall on my shoulders.

Surprisingly, I am not worried about that. After 2 years of events - vendor markets and such, and increasing my online sales, I only see opening a store as a positive. It is the “build it and they will come” philosophy. After all, Crab Terror Island is about building a community, and we need an Island do that.

So what is my vision? A place that is filled with my designs and products from other local vendors. A place we can host the Crab Terror Island LIVE Shows, wine tastings, pop up shops, sip-n-shops and more! A place where people can come and work on their ideas and we can grow as a community.

Yep that is my vision.

It is going to be a lot. I will still be working full time, so the store will be open limited hours. I will be relying on family to help when I can’t be there. Open air events like markets, the State Fair and such will still be taking place. A Lot of this will be new territory. I mean eventually I will have to hire employees! (Eek!)

But this is my goal. Do I let the fear of the unknown stop me? Do I fall prey to the uneasiness in the pit of my stomach? No. No I do not.
I want this.
I want the whole thing. There will be lots of sleepless nights going forward. Lots of tears, mistakes and second guesses. But there will also be the reward of knowing that I am achieving my goals. That I get to bring you all on this journey with me is incredible.

Stay tuned for more!

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