February 06, 2018 3 min read

Coffee. I love coffee.

Seriously, I love coffee. (Never doubt that)!

Do you have something like a favorite food, or drink, or little indulgence that you almost can’t live without? Something that puts a smile on your face, comforts you, warms your soul and is there when you need it?

Well, that is coffee for me.

In all honesty, I can’t remember when I had my first cup of coffee. Nor do I know when I first fell in love with coffee. What I do know is that it is my vice, my go to in life. 

So, let me tell you the 5 reasons I LOVE COFFEE!

The Smell - Is there anything better? When I step into a coffee shop, or grind beans, or wakeup to that rich aroma, well, I have no way to describe it. It smells like heaven. I always inhale deep, and then hold it. Letting just the fragrance spread through my senses. It is like I can taste it at that point, I definitely visualize a hot cup of joe! I love the smell of coffee, even in the form of a candle!

Love my mornings: We all have a favorite time of day. Mine? The early morning hour, before the rest of the house wakes up. I sit on my couch in the quiet, curled in a corner. Blankets drawn over my legs, a good book in my hand. The best part though, that warm coffee (one tablespoon sugar and cream), wrapped up in my favorite mug. I look forward to this when I go to sleep at night, that early morning routine. Love starting my day like this.

Coffee date anyone? Nothing is better than meeting a good friend or my husband for a cup of coffee. We get our favorite drink (mine is usually a flavored latte), and we talk about life, frustrations, projects we are working and more. We just, socialize. I have had some of my best conversations when on a coffee date, and brilliant plans have been discussed over a cup of coffee! Tears have been dried, problems solved and more. The local coffee shop is like a home away from home!

Comfort is a necessity: There are times I feel a little down, or am just trying to fight off a chill, and coffee brings me that comfort. The very idea of just brewing a fresh pot and taking that first sip warms me body and soul. It is like a long time friend, that knows just what to say to cheer me up, to make me feel better. It is like a cozy blanket or oversized hoodie, that you just love to be wrapped up in. It is that recipe your mom makes every time she comes to visit (I get my mom to make pancakes! Even though I make them the same way, they are always best when she makes them!)

Indulgence is wonderful: This is the best reason, because I don't indulge to often. But, those times I get the biggest latte, or treat myself to that new lip gloss, or eat all the chocolates in the box, are special times. It is fun to indulge, to do something for just you. Sometimes I just need "me" time, to do something just for Sina. Coffee shops give me that. There I can indulge in the freshly ground coffee and premium baked goods and not feel bad!


Get the picture. I love coffee. I am not afraid to say it. Shoot, I might even be slightly addicted to it. (Don't feel bad about that at all)! But here is the thing, my life is short. I want to fill it with things that make me smile, comfort me, bring me joy. That is what coffee does for me.

So grab a cup and join me! 

 Thanks for reading! Sina


Sina is the mastermind behind Crab Terror Island. She lives in Alaska with her husband, 3 boys and mixed breed dog, Willy! Her favorite indulgences are coffee, chocolate and carbs and believes in being honest and loving yourself! Her vision for Crab Terror Island is to build a brand that is authentic, original and reminds people to make themselves a priority!

Website: https://www.crabterrorisland.com/



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