April 02, 2018 2 min read

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop, and am overwhelmed just looking at the menu?! I love coffee and I always panic and then default to what I am used to having!

It is no longer a mocha or latte, but there so many drinks/concoctions now, it's easy to now know what you might like! Or even what something is! 

Here is a quick breakdown of a few of the drinks you might find in a coffee shop these days! Maybe give one a try next time, you never know what you might find to enjoy!

But first things first! Espresso drinks all share something in common - espresso, steamed milk and foam. The only real difference is the proportions of each ingredient. 

Here we go!

Espresso (short black) - This is a single shot of espresso and the foundation of any of the drinks listed below.

    Double Espresso or Doppio -- A double shot of espresso served in a cup.

    Americano (Long Black) -- Hot water and espresso. Typically the cup will be filled 3/4 of the way with water and the espresso will be expressed over it. You can have flavor added to an Americano.

    Latte -- Espresso, steamed milk and foam on top! (My favorite, I'm pretty basic. A good vanilla latte or Kaladi Latte from Kaladi Bros in Alaska does it for me)!

    Cappuccino - Very similar to a latte. Espresso, steamed milk and more foam than a latte. Traditionally chocolate shavings would be sprinkled on top of the foam before serving.

    Flat White - a latte with no foam. (A lot of times you get this by accident, mainly due to the barista not knowing how to make good foam)!Mocha - Just like a latte, but with chocolate power or syrup mixed in! At times chocolate shavings are placed on the foam as well!

    Macchiato - Espresso with a small amount of milk, typically foamed. 

    Writing this made me want coffee! Guess I will go put a pot on, why deny myself!

    Thanks for reading!

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