November 27, 2017

My mom made the greatest gingerbread houses when I was growing up.

They were made of homemade gingerbread, and cut around a specific pattern that was used year after year. The glue to hold the pieces together, was boiled sugar and the royal frosting was hand mixed to create the fluffy, snow that hung off the roof.

There was candy galore. Gumdrops, peppermint pinwheels, licorice, chocolate kisses and more. Miniature snowmen and women, played peekaboo behind decorated cookie trees, and various colored sprinkles caught the light just right.

They were always so amazing, and I can still see them come to life. The time my mom put into them was inspiring.

Funny though, she never let my brother and I help with any part of the creation!!

These beautiful houses, that I have these fond memories of, were never a family event. We don't have memories of building these houses, or coming up with the theme. No, we remember them being there, a centerpiece, a focal point to Christmas that our hands were not to touch.

We laugh about it now, give our mom a hard time.  It is funny to look back on now, because I don't look back and get upset that I was not allowed to place those gumballs. No, I love that my mom poured her creativity into this year after year. She created this magical house for us to remember when we were adults.

And, I loved those houses.

We did get to pry all the candy off after Christmas though! Eating stale chocolate and gumdrops will always bring me back to my childhood and those houses my mom made.

What is your best Christmas memory?

Thanks for reading!


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