August 22, 2018 2 min read

Crab Terror Island is heading to the Alaska State Fair! Whoop whoop, I can't wait! This is always the signal of the end of our summer, but it is so fun to see everyone, meet new people, listen to the music and of course, eat some Fair food!

Below are my top 5 things to eat at the Fair!! We all have our favorites - so enjoy!!!

1. Mini donuts - I mean they come in a bucket and are coated with cinnamon and sugar. They are little pieces of fried dough heaven! Yummy, yummy! Get a bucket, (they are nice an warm) and hit the trails! Great way to start the Fair!

2. Mini fried tacos! Now I have no idea where the booth is, or what it is called. My husband just appears with them, like a Knight on a white horse, but instead he is walking and carrying fried tacos. Trust me, they are soooooo good!!!

3. Pork-Chop-On-A-Stick. I mean seriously, it is meat on a stick. What could be wrong about that? Nothing!!!!!! So stand in line, and get your grub on!

4. Caramel apples! These are pricey, but worth it. Since I don't get them any other time during the year, well this is when I totally indulge!!!

5. Funnel cake - an oldy, but goodie! True, the powder sugar shirt I tend to wear after, is a little annoying, but who can complain to much! These are the easiest things to make, the messiest to eat, but I LOVE them!

There is also:

Cream puffs, turkey legs, blooming onions, cotton candy, shaved ice, burgers, coffee, coffee, coffee, ice cream, and well the list goes on.

In a nutshell, it is the Alaska State Fair, which means I am eating like a BOSS, and enjoying every tasty morsel! 

Come say hi if your out at the Alaska State Fair, and get your grub on people!

Thanks for reading!



Sina Sena is a small island, Alaska girl, who has BIG goals! She is a novice coffee connoisseur loves romance novels and is always down to eat sweets! She is married to her high school sweetheart, and they are trying to not get run over by their three boys! As a  mom she believes that it is important to maintain her own identity and knows she is better because she works hard everyday to pursue her own goals.  If you ever want to talk business, it is what makes her want to leap out of bed everyday (except in the winter, because Alaska is freaking cold then)!

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