January 31, 2016 2 min read

For the longest time I have felt like something wasn't connecting right with my vision and what I was doing with Crab Terror. I mean, I love my designs, and enjoy putting the video blogs together and all that. But something was missing. Then it came to me. Like a LIGHTENING STRIKE!!! Bam!!! I new what I needed to do. What would be more "Sina" and inspire me more.

You see, I feel that I am that person who likes to empower people. I like to focus on the positive qualities of a person, and push them to do the same. I can't stand negativigty...like women getting down on themselves about their weight, DRIVES ME NUTS!! So, I am changing gears a little here with Crab Terror, because when I think about my desings and my business, it really is about being different. Walking your own path. I mean, even the name comes from a group of people being creative, stepping out of the norm.

So here we go. I am excited for the new products to come out, so you can see the amazing things I have incur[orated into them. I will be talking about how it is okay to be different. Embrace it! Love it! Run with it! Far to often we are held back by the restraints of society, or what we should or should not do! If you want to dye your hair purple, do it! If you want to eat the chocolate cake, do IT! If you want to run with the bulls in Spain....well, dammit, DO IT!! Life is short. Be yourself, Be Different, Be Unique! Own it!

I'm out! - Si

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