December 07, 2015 2 min read

Whenever I tell people I have 3 boys, I always get the "I'm sorry" response. It always makes me laugh, because sometimes I feel that way! But truth be told, I can't imagine not having these three boys, I actually love being a mom of boys. I have no idea what it is like to have Barbie's, dress up, tea parties or quiet time. What I do know is that boys can fart at will, they can never have to many Legos, they make a weapon out of just about anything, they are loud, they eat ALL the time, they could be dead asleep, but if someone wants to wrestle they are wide awake, they kind of smell bad, they never really grow up, they are awesome, and they love their moms.

My boys are a huge part of everything that I do. From trying to finish my degree, to focusing on a career, to starting a small business. Everything that I set out to do has their needs now and in the future in mind. I want them to see that hard work and perseverance can pay off, that you only fail if you give up, that late nights and early mornings can get the job done, that life is hard, but still an awesome adventure, and most of all that I will always do everything in my power to make sure that they are encouraged, appreciated and supported as they grow to become men.

As  I have started this business, Crab Terror, my boys are the creative geniuses behind some of the design placements, products and videos. We are usually hanging around in the basement/converted to moms studio, hanging out and coming up with new short video ideas, garments to use and other items we want to carry. One or more of them sometimes come to the vendor events and help me sell, and from this has stemmed Mad Zayne Weaponry, which are wooden swords that the boys (with help from Dad) have cut, mitered and glued together. And from this other ideas are in the works. I am so glad that they are learning valuable skills like woodworking, marketing, public speaking when helping me sell. This is truly a family business.

So next time you see a video on our FB is either Bryce, Zayne or Gage as the shining stars!

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